January 21, 2007

Elektra and Agamemnon

My dad is tall.

My dad has a limp.

My dad has very dark brown eyes.

My dad has dark hair.

My dad has two earrings in his left ear and one in the right.

My dad wears two silver rings on his right hand and one on the left.

My dad has huge hands that don't look like mine at all.

My dad has the same chin as me.

My dad has five cats.

My dad works in the storehouse of a book publisher.

My dad might lose his job this summer.

My dad smokes.

My dad can cook.

My dad knows a lot about wine.

My dad has five kinds of oil at home, rapeseed, sun flower, sesame, sesame with ginger and olive.

My dad drinks wheat beer.

My dad has a tattoo of an octopus that just ate a human on his left arm.

My dad wants to get five more tattoos.

My dad fell off his bike in the storm two days ago and no one helped him up.

My dad doesn't know what "identical twins" means in Italian.

My dad sat next to me last night.

My dad ate spagetti with octopus and peas last night.

My dad wore an orange shirt last night.

My dad told my brother smoking isn't healthy last night.

My dad asked about my studies last night.

My dad shared my desert and I shared his last night.

My dad teased me about not eating seafood last night.

My dad taught me the words "scorfano" and "strozzapreti" last night.

My dad paid for my drinks at the bar last night.

My dad did an impersonation of me complaining about the mud last night.

I liked my dad last night.

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