January 26, 2008

ICON (I Can't Overlook Nonsense) [Part VI of my "Thinking in Acronyms" series]

While I eat little pieces of chocolate heaven, the ghost lets the hallway lights flicker. I think of a scary movie that could be shot in confined spaces, when really the socket is just broken.
Some intimidations have trite explanations. Let that be disappointing or uplifting to you. I find it rather comforting. Perspective can be a beautiful thing. How did people see the world before the golden ratio?

Rather than fill my pen with ink, I dip it into the pot every few words. A sudden splash of silly romanticism.

Homage to days gone by can reward richer than adherence to modernity. Chopin beats Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

The lid hums on the countertop, sings of a longing, misses its pot.
Toilet paper whales smile at me. They live in this town alone; I've never met them anywhere else.

Even from the city bus I can see how silly this all is. Not you or me, all of this. The houses built from cement and held down by gravity. This giant mass of mass spins around itself and there ain't nothing to be done about it. To believe we are anything but an accidental occurrence seems overly foolish. But then again there is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of tomfoolery now and then. I have no doubt we will fade just like the dinosaurs did. We should have learned by now.

In the meantime, make yourself comfortable, stay amicable. In the really long run, the grand picture, nothing you do matters. So matter to someone next to you and leave the whales in the ocean. They'll thank you for it and your God has a soft spot for good people.

"I feel like something Picasso would've made."

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