September 12, 2008

SUMMER (Sad Unsung Melodies Mollify Every Reason) [Part X of my "Thinking in Acronyms" series]

High noon, high tide, high-heeled sandals. Tools to wade unharmed through the heat haze on the shimmering asphalt.

Temperatures melt ice, sense and resistance. So easy to fall backwards into the grass and into arms. Under the rays of brother sun conversations turn to lighter topics. But on the morning after the burns from staying out too long will hurt inside and outside. The eternal search for myself in someone else doesn’t respond favorably to heat stimuli.

What I make seem easy in truth is hard. I’m waiting for someone to call my bluff and dare me to go all in. I let you call. What would you do if I raised the stakes?

Progress came to a screeching halt and it’s too hot to work on the engine. Pretty boys, shoes and shiny objects are enough to numb the brain. Luckily coffee can be served on ice.

One big last breath, one carefree season, one soulful departure from days gone by. Never again will living be so easy, leisurely and light, because in the real world you don’t get summer off.

Summer TV doesn’t help. It isn’t distracting enough and only reminds me that time runs on and out. Hopefully September will bring relief.

It’s too hot to move now, wait till the fall. Storms and rains will dictate a direction, the air will travel and you’ll go along for the ride.

“So I’m building you a tornado to get back East.”

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