September 5, 2008

Too Bad To Remember, Too Good To Forget

Ideas I had in fever dreams
keep raging in my blood
He talks of giving objects names
and says it's not my fault
his mood changes with every passenger

Seems lately I stopped making sense
of words strung on my chain
He speaks of giving people truth
and says it is in vain
to hope for change in the wind's direction

But when you fight the morning sun
and are in league with silver moons,
it's hard to tell
where living ends
and ghosts remain

Visions I had on summer drives
keep swirling in my head
He talks of giving actions weight
and says I shouldn't dread
the endless road I have to walk back home

But when you fight the evening moon
and are in league with golden suns,
it's hard to tell
where dying ends
and ghosts remain

His objects,
his truth,
his actions,
his ghost,
all pearls upon my necklace
forming my noose

Copyright June 2008

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