March 22, 2008

Easter Endeavors

I am a bit hesitant to break the narrative voice this blog presents, but then again, you all know it’s me writing, so there’s no harm in a bit of shameless self-indulgence.

What have I been up to these past days since I last posted? Well, I have been listening to everything old and new from Bright Eyes. That always gets me in a very pensive and sad mood, which is something I seek a lot, so it’s nothing negative in my eyes. And Conor just makes more sense to me than most people, which – considering his perceived awkwardness in some interviews – is quite worrying. To get what I mean, watch the videos from YouTube I have posted below.
If he makes sense to you too, then I am infinitely calmed.

In other news, there was a HUGE Buffy reunion in California at Paley Fest on Thursday. It was so huge that even Sarah Michelle Gellar made it. Looking lovely as always and according to Tony Laszlo from CC2K being very gracious.

So in order to celebrate this most rare of events, here’s the link to the 70+ page Buffy paper I wrote to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Media studies for all of you to enjoy.
Don’t worry, it’s not all scientific, I made it fun to read as well! Comments are welcome, be they geeky or academic.

I am working on two more creative/poetic/dreamy posts to hit this spot over the Easter holidays, so stay tuned for more…

Happy Easter!

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