November 10, 2007

Menagerie [Part I of my "Thinking In Acronyms" series]

On the day of all days the mood swings, I cry at my laughter and laugh at my tears. I reconfigure the centrifuge and search for measurements that need to be invented.

I think in acronyms now.

Days recede into the night and don't leave a note. I can never be sure if I am spinning around or the world.

The people speak my language, but I choose to unlearn it. Three letters in my head awaken soft feelings, I gently smile, I feel loving and caring and giving. It's crazy how three random letters can carry so much meaning. Which you have built up in your head, all by yourself.

A familiar gesture awakens me for a minute. Everyone can see the history in it. I have a history, I left a mark though it gets thrown away with the wrapping.

Why is that one song on repeat and talking to me?

I pair up fifteen dancers in my head and then realize I have split one in half. They should just stop making noise in my head. Serves them right.

Under the covers every night I'm someone else. And never the same someone twice. But I am always alone. Curious how I seldom ever notice anymore.

The music swells and suddenly it's all a syncope.

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