June 12, 2007

Dilute, Dissolve, Disband

Give it some meaning, make it safe. Stay out in the water, at least till it's dark. The trees at the shore, they keep all our secrets. I didn't just dream it, they really whisper the truth. Let's go out further, let's dive in deep. See the light dancing upon the dark waves. The lake is sleeping, resting for the day. We're not scared, we've made it this far. Living is easy, you just have to start. It is safe between the trees and our bodies. We can leave all of the talking and just make sounds from feelings. Seven different kinds of kisses lead the way out in the water. There's no need to dry our arms now, we will stay out here for hours. Floating round in circles we have nothing to remember. Hold on to my shoulders, I'll spin you around. Live in your body, look out at the world. All the years I've known you and we haven't grown older. Soothing water around us, the world falls away. Pretend we're alone, let it all go. You have nothing to fear, I will let you drown in me. Our feet leave the bottom as we drift along. Safely entangled in motionless thought, we're breathing in nature, envision the dark. I touch your wet hair, it's strands of hope. Left by the wayside lie our summer clothes. Shed in a hurry, hindering shells. Talk to the small drops that sit on your chest. Explore all the deepness, dive after dive. Ripple the surface, make it change. Answers now stop counting as we float out in the water. And we stayed out here for hours, made it safe and gave it meaning.
~ inspired by matt pond PA

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